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If you are looking to get in shape fast, you have probably come across hundreds of diets that are supposed to help you slim down in record time. While it is tempting to just dive in blindly and see how it goes for you, there are more prudent ways on how to reduce weight without having to endanger your health. Buy online from NHS Heroes at

Here are some of the options you might want to look at:

The 7 Day Plan

Perhaps you are about to get married and you want to make sure you fit in your wedding gown perfectly or maybe it is just after the holidays and you are looking to shed off some weight so you are in top physical shape before going back to work. Regardless of what your motivation is, a 7 day diet plan to reduce weight would be grueling and stringent as it requires strict adherence to a very specific meal plan.

For the most part, this requires abstinence from all carbohydrates especially starchy foods such as rice, potatoes, etc. In addition, it does require intake of green vegetables and fresh fruits to effectively cleanse the digestive tract and get as much energy as possible.

This is the best diet plan to reduce weight if you are in a big rush but it does require utmost commitment.

High Protein Regimen

While crash dieting might get you results quickly, it is still more advisable to get on a more sustainable program that you can use for a long stretch of time. Some fitness experts would argue that the best diet to reduce weight is still low carb-high protein because it creates calorie deficiency which is what the body needs in order to lose weight.

This particular diet plan requires eating only lean meat such as beef and chicken. In addition, you would also have to abstain from fast food and other pre-packaged food products that contain loads of trans fat and other preservatives.

Among the diet tips to reduce weight you have come across, the one you should definitely heed is to practice cooking your own meals in accordance to the specifications of your diet. It is easier to lose the extra pounds when you are not constantly tempted to order a pizza or drop by a greasy Chinese food joint right around the corner from your place.

In choosing a diet program, keep in mind that your health and safety always comes first. There may be a number of ways on how to reduce weight but the bottom line is to put your well being first and foremost.